Art by Susan Menzies

About The artist

Acrylic on Canvas. ©Susan Menzies


Susan is proficient using Acrylic, Watercolour, Gouache & paints digitally with Corel Painter & Photoshop.

I love Canada's wilderness & all aspects of nature.  My back yard view keeps me inspired.


In my Fine Art it is Canada's wilderness & all of nature that inspires me.  As an avid birder I've come to enjoy even the smallest parts of nature.  My other inspiration is the necessity for me to paint & create.  It is who I am.

The Circus from Marvin The Tap Dancing Horse digitally painted in Corel Painter.


Susan Menzies  as a team member  won an Emmy & four Gemini Awards for work in Television as an animation colourist.  She has painted backgrounds for Peep & The Big Wide World, Maggie & the Ferocious Beast, Braceface, The Berenstain Bears, Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse, Committed, Rescue Heroes, Odd Job Jack, The Dating Guy, & Hasbro's remake of Pound Puppies. She created the concept colour for props, characters & backgrounds for Turbo Dogs.  She has illustrated a Franklin the Turtle book & was one of the colourists for the NASCAR Heroes comic books.  She has painted backgrounds for feature films El Cid the Legend & for The Little Polar Bear II as well as a Dora the Explorer game & a Loblaws commercial.   As a fine artist Susan is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her works are noted for their powerful composition & knowledgable use of colour.  Susan has developed a unique style in her work as an observational artist.  She does not use photographs or sketch before applying paint to paper or canvas.   She has won two national art competitions, exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum, been presented to HRH Prince Philip & exhibited her original work for over 35 years. Susan is accomplished painting traditionally in watercolour, acrylic & gouache paint as well as digitally in Photoshop & Corel Painter.    Susan was Artist in Residence at the Gibson Centre in Alliston for 6 years.